adrift (circa 2002)

Adrift is an independent film by local filmmaker Tom Curran. The sites primary function in this phase is to provide information about the film and the filmmaker.

Working with an independent filmmaker usually means a limited budget. This project was no exception. My challenge was to define the architecture, create the design direction with multiple iterations, produce all visual elements and HTML development within the existing budget.

The use of stylized text in the form of CSS was decided for two reasons. One reason was budgetary, less visuals = less time & money. The other was for maintenance. Since those maintaining the site are not designers, they needed a framework that could grow with them without much interaction from a designer.

The site has not been updated in quite some time and there are still some areas that lack content..

Image of Preview screen, currently not available on the live site.
One of the image concepts for the home page..
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