BOSE Corporation (2005-2007)

Working as an on-site contractor for the Online Communications Group within Bose, I was responsible for the creation and execution of various pieces such as banner advertisements, email campaigns, page development within or other affilliate sites and custom pages and sites for specific business needs.

Bose has a challenging infrastructure that is constantly evolving and many times, there are numerous conflicts between what a business unit might want, what supports the Bose brand, what makes fiscal sence and what the product group needs.

My role was to try to execute the needs of business units or product divisions while simultaneously enforcing the Bose brand of communication and maintaining the high-quality experience expected from Bose.

The examples to the right reflect only a small portion of the breadth of projects completed while at Bose.

Due to constant change of promotions and frequent product announcements, it is difficult to link directly to my work "live" on the Bose site. See screenshots.


Interactive Flash™ used on product page.
Interactive Flash™ used on product page.
Product entry pages.

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