Capital Avenue (circa 2001)

A one-stop site for procuring all of the necessary capital a small business would need. Additionally, this functionality is to be offered as a service to other financial companies as a subset of their offering.

This site was 100% dynamically served to each user based on his/her profile. We needed a way to allow the database to build the pages, yet retain a sense of design. One interesting challenge was that the client wanted it to look distinctive, yet it had to be neutral enough to stand as a co-branded or private label site without modifying any design parameters.

We treaded new ground by modularizing each chunk of information into a .JSP component. Each of those .JSPs would get wrapped in HTML and CSS code. Then those individual .JSPs would be nested into other .JSPs defined by the database. This proved challenging, as each component needed to be designed separately from the page it would sit in, and it needed to be flexible enough to be used in multiple places.

Ex: A "User Address" module may be used in multiple sections of the site and feed data to different portions of the database depending on how it was used.

It was essential that I create a master site structure document that housed the information displaying the page name, the corresponding content document, the page's .JSP name, all of the nested .JSPs within that page and where it existed within the hierarchical structure. You can view a screenshot of that document to the right.

Due to constant evolution, the live site may look different from the imagery shown here, One example is the SITE MAP page on the live site. It has been modified by the client outside of the design parameters established.

This demonstrates additional types of headers such as Affiliate, Co-Branded and Private Label.
This a partial screenshot of a .JSP site map and content map I developed.
Early conceptual imagery for the site.
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