Bose (circa 1998)

My involvement in this project was performing the role of a useability expert.

My role was to evaluate the existing UI and user experience and to make recommendations on how to improve upon them. The entire design, architecture and functionality were done by another firm, but the client wanted my input.

I had defined one of the problem areas and re-worked the existing UI and design with slight modifications to improve the useability of the site.

Ultimately, the client agreed with my assesment and recommendations but the actual modifications were to be done by the client in-house.

The screenshots to the right are a hypothetical click-through from the home page to a product information page.

It is difficult to discern by the screenshots what was original and what I had done to modify the experience. These screenshots represent my recommendations to the client, not what was actually implemented by

Since this project's completion in late 1999, the site has undergone many changes and does not reflect in any way the work that I had done.

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