Grand Expeditions (Circa 1999)

Grand Expeditions is a website that caters to the elite traveler(s) who are looking for unique and enriching experiences. For these travelers, money is rarely a factor. Grand Expeditions is actually made up of several separate companies that offer a range of traveling experiences that are housed under the Grand Expeditions name.

This project posed many challenges. It's core system was to be a content management system produced by a 3rd party company. Our primary role was to brand the experience and provide visual design "templates" in the form of HTML and CSS that the 3rd part would translate into their back end system.

Another challenge was that although Grand Expeditions wanted a unified look & feel, there were several sub-companies involved that wanted to retain a portion of their own identity. I needed to design a template that had continuity, yet provided enough flexibility for each company to retain some control of their presence visually.

The solution was as simple as Style Sheets. I based most of the "design" of each type of page around how the text was displayed. By altering the visual weight of the text, it added a design element to the content management system that was nonexistent before, thus keeping it all dynamically driven. To compliment this, I used tables frequently as layout and background elements.

The result is, that almost 100% of each page is driven dynamically by the content management system. There is no need for manual tweaking of HTML to add or edit content.

My role was to create design "Templates" for the 3rd party company to interpret and implement into their system. The site launched roughly 6 months after our delivery of the design templates and retained a good amount of the original intent, but the final product is not a direct representation of my design work.

The concept template for the GrandEx home page.
This template shows an inner page describing safaris.
This template shows a Tour page of one of the affiliate companies within Grand Ex.
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