Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (circa 1997)
Online Drug Formulary

Although this project does not demonstrate lavish visual design, I felt it was important to show. This project was circa 1996-1997 when the health care industry was not spending much on internet technology and our user requirements revolved around 640 x 480 resolutions, 14.4K modem speed, web 216 colors and the inability to use such luxuries as Cascading Style Sheets.

The purpose of this project was to give physicians an online version of HPHC's drug formulary for "live" and up-to-date information instead of referring to the printed books which became obsolete and outdated at each printing.

Almost all of the "design" was based on the database information and weighted using font size, color and weight. Again, this being before the adoption of style sheets, all of our tags were nested & generated by lots of back-end code.

The site was only accessible through a user ID system. There is no way to link to it if it is still in existence..

Shot of the Formulary home page.
A search results page.
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