Bose (circa 2000)

Description is a website for the comprehensive management of youth sports online. Whether it's through an affiliated organization such as Little League™ or Pee Wee™ or if it's your own local darts league, has an incredible depth of functionality to offer. MyTeam's users range from team coaches, parents, volunteers, players, administrators and any combination of them for managing the events & people.

My role on this project was to help take the immense amount of data & functionality within an existing architecture and try to help present it in a way that was not overwhelming and allowed the user(s) to perform their tasks. In addition, many "users" can be multiple types of roles. One person may act as a parent, a coach, and as an administrator. They needed the ability to manage multiple aspects of the system. With an incredible amount of legacy code, there was little that could be done to change most of the functionality of the user's experience, so the only option was through the visual design.

Working with another designer, I attempted to unify the overall experience and to try to clarify the distinction between users, roles and tasks to be performed. Through a new design direction, new navigational metaphor and a smarter, more cohesive layout, we accomplished the task of making it easier to understand and use.

This was one of the concepts for the overall navigation theme.
A variation of the above theme applied to one of the administrative screens.
Experimentation with icons in the navigation.
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