Polartec™ Fabrics (circa 1997)

The Polartec™ project started as a marketing vehicle for the IMAX™ movie; Everest™, which was co-sponsored by Polartec™ Fabrics. Our goal was to create brand awareness of Polartec™ while promoting the upcoming film.

I needed to be mindful that this site was to live well past the life of the film's showing dates, so although the original design concept was closely married to the marketing of the film, I needed to make sure that once the Everest™ component was removed, the site stood well on it's own merrits.

Working with Malden Mills, we crafted a message and look that played on outdoor experiences and adventures of other groups sponsored by Polartec™. The site still maintains a good percentage of it's original design intent from 1997 and still "feels" current.

Original home page concept.
Higher-level navigation page.
Fabric descriptions.
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